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Online School Software Is Beneficial For Whom & Why?

It is beneficial for direct or indirect stakeholders of the school that includes School management, Staff, Students, and Parents.
We can say that Online School Management Software makes your system efficient and smart. It takes away most of the paperwork. Communication improves a lot, which in turn speeds up information sharing. 
Incorrect information is quite a headache! It takes up a large amount of time to trace the error and rectify it, resulting in the loss of significant time and effort. Therefore, Online School Software helps to prevent such problems. 
School Management can keep tabs on all activities right from their phones. School or College is run by a group of dedicated trustees or board members. They are the ones who make important decisions, manage funds and expenses. It is very difficult to run any educational or college without good management. 
They are not active participants in the daily activities of the school. However, for proper management, they need correct information. For this, they need to physically visit the school or depend on a second-hand report from others. 
Both of these methods are not efficient and may or may not give accurate details. Many a time, the ground reality is different from what is told. They need a system that can give them correct reporting as and when required, that too without depending on others. 
SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a very tool for this purpose. It gives them first-hand information based on daily data entry. It displays the following information.
  • Fee Collected 
  • Attendance of Students and Staff 
  • Total Admissions
  • New Admissions 
We can say, the College Campus Management Software gives direct reporting to members of the management. This information is available at all times and from any device. View the reports directly on mobile phones.

Online School Management Software

This facility is a game-changer. It induces a fast decision-making process and promotes quick implementation. As a result, we see things running smoothly and actively due to all-time supervision. 
Mistakes cannot fly under the radar. 
When the top-level in the hierarchy is vigilant and active at all times, everyone is induced to work carefully. This thwarts unnecessary or deliberate delaying of work.
The decision-makers must take decisions unanimously. When many heads are not coming to a common conclusion, it defeats the very purpose of running an organization smoothly. Schools or colleges, cannot afford horses running in different directions, it is costly and disadvantageous. 
All information is available to members of management at all times. 
Even if someone is on vacation, they have access to the daily reports generated in schools. The online school software brings everyone on the same page and removes every scope of misinformation. Everyone can see the updates in the data and records at the same time. Accordingly, they can come to a common conclusion swiftly. 
 “The price of greatness is responsibility.” ~ Winston Churchill.
As the management gets reported in real-time, it increases the accountability of the staff. They become more punctual and dedicated to their work. Ultimately, this improves efficiency and makes the working transparent. 
School Management System helps to recognize honest teachers and employees. The working environment becomes good and tension-free. Working on an interconnected platform leaves very little scope for blame-game, and paves the way for systematization. 
Teachers and staff can work more productively with school management software
The school campus management software reduces the clerical tasks of the teachers they have on top of teaching. The primary duty of an educator is to impart knowledge, clarify doubts, and engage actively with the students.
Due to limited time, they cannot interact with the students after taking their assigned classes. As, they are too busy checking papers, putting marks, making report cards, taking attendance, checking diaries, etc. 
They have to fill the reports regularly because it is used to analyze the performance and improvement of students. Hence, this is necessary but tedious. We have advanced quite far in the world of technology and science. We have tools available to ease this burden on our teachers. Why not use it?
School Management System handles all manual tasks easily. Why not leap at this chance?
Here’s an example, we were wary of ATM cards and hesitated to use in the early days of its inception. Nevertheless, as soon we saw the plethora of benefits it gave, we accepted it heartily. Now everyone uses ATM cards!
It is about how soon we realize the benefits of advancements in technology. Are we willing to use it to save our time, money, and effort as soon as possible?
The best practice is to explain a lesson and then give ample time to students to raise queries on the topic and clear it patiently. This is necessary, as every child does not have equal acuity. They comprehend things at their own pace. 
Our teachers finish the daily syllabus and immediately rush to the next class. Pupils are left with no choice. They have to wait to clear their doubts the next day. Often children forget the doubts and continue with the next concept. This pedagogy is not adequate that we are following today.
Online School Management System
Parents, the school management system is for you too!
They are passive, but primary stakeholders in a school because eventually, it is the future of their children, that schools gradually build. We need to discuss some harsh ground reality. It is disappointing for parents when teachers do not take care of their kids, as is promised by the school. 
Taking care does not mean, monitoring the activities of the child every minute, but making sure their progress is consistent. It takes the combined effort of parents and teachers to guide the child efficiently. 
Scientists all over the world have worked and are working day and night to make communication better and faster. So why are we hesitant to use this platform?
To know about how our children performing in academics and socially at school.
Why do parents need to wait for the report card day for months?  
Why not inform them of the progress in real-time?
Parents can help their children in a better way if they have regular updates on their child’s behavior and performance. Young children are not able to express their problems clearly. They are not able to define the exact issues they are facing. They have a very important duty at this crucial stage.
After students go to a new standard, they face trouble in grasping new concepts. Different children have different speed, they take their own time for understanding. The Best School Software can help teachers as well as parents to understand the individual needs of a child.
And in India, the harsh reality is we have PTR, as high as 70:1 in this scenario, how do we expect our teachers to track the progress of every child individually? 
Teachers remind guardians with one-liners, “Your child is not completing homework on-time, Not paying attention in class.” But these do not elaborate on the focal points of problems. When a student is not finishing the homework on a particular subject timely, we need to address some crucial questions. 
  • What is the problem? 
  • Why can’t the child solve questions on this subject? 
  • Is the concept clear? 
  • What is there is any problem with comprehension? 
  • Is the child facing problems in matching up with the speed of the rest of the classmates?
Let’s take a scenario when a child is showing poor performance or is not active socially in school. Parents get thorough information regarding this, after a month or six on the student’s report card day. Hence, many days are lost with the child mindlessly staring at the blackboards or copying homework from others. 
It becomes very difficult to bring them at par with others. Parents start frantically searching for private tutors. Tutors start pressurizing the kids to score well. Naturally, we see a child who, although succeeds in getting good marks, but has not understood the concepts. 
Any problem is easier to handle and fix when it is dealt with, at the very beginning. When parents know about the dilemmas their child is facing right from the start, it is evident that help will reach the child on-time. With online school software, parents can help their children improve and progress consistently.  
The student will not have to wait for months for assistance. Parents and teachers can curb the problem at the roots. As well as the child will have time to improve and catch-up with the class. Delay in addressing a difficulty, not only increases it but also makes it challenging to rectify.
School Campus Management Software gives this opportunity to both parents and teachers so that they can communicate effectively with each other at any time. If the child is not performing properly teachers can instantly send messages to the parents in the form of notification or SMS. 

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